Monday, March 9, 2009

Day one

Well the 17 hour flights were far easier than I expected. But not so fast. Brian here. Luggage still not here. Im buying clothes. Looking spiffy tomorrow in my Egyptian track suit! I am thinking of growing my chest air out, dying it black and blending in with the locals. Hey you! Mister. You come look my shop! 50 Pounds. Ok 40. Ok 5 for 7 Papryus! I got the hang of it.

Just tried to get the lay of the land today. Tough on the jet lag. Got a good half day in with a quickie loop around the Egyptian Museum, a walk to the Nile, a visit to a local Mosque and culminating the day at the main Bazaar where by mere coincidence i happened upon a massive demonstration which ultimately turned out to be a city wide parade for the birthday of Muhammad! Happy Birthday Muhammad. You need a facebook page so everyone can wish you happy birthday!

Off to Giza tomorrow. Muhammad's revenge permitting.....Send a prayer for me to the luggage gods.

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  1. Hey whitey have you gotten your luggage yet?