Monday, March 9, 2009

Day one

Well the 17 hour flights were far easier than I expected. But not so fast. Brian here. Luggage still not here. Im buying clothes. Looking spiffy tomorrow in my Egyptian track suit! I am thinking of growing my chest air out, dying it black and blending in with the locals. Hey you! Mister. You come look my shop! 50 Pounds. Ok 40. Ok 5 for 7 Papryus! I got the hang of it.

Just tried to get the lay of the land today. Tough on the jet lag. Got a good half day in with a quickie loop around the Egyptian Museum, a walk to the Nile, a visit to a local Mosque and culminating the day at the main Bazaar where by mere coincidence i happened upon a massive demonstration which ultimately turned out to be a city wide parade for the birthday of Muhammad! Happy Birthday Muhammad. You need a facebook page so everyone can wish you happy birthday!

Off to Giza tomorrow. Muhammad's revenge permitting.....Send a prayer for me to the luggage gods.

Muhammad's Revenge

Apparently Montezuma has a cousin in Egypt. WTF! Bottled water. Coffee and Croissants! That's it! And blam! TMI?

Wishful Thinking

I knew it was too good to be true. My trip began over 24 hours ago in Los Angeles. I departed Los Angeles International Airport at 10 pm on March the 7th first for Paris. The state of the economy being what it is, all of the airlines were having Business Class sales. I couldn't resist. What a difference. I slept like a baby all the way across the Atlantic where I awoke in Paris.
My connection times for my flights to Cairo were tight. I was sure I'd miss a connection, especially since I was going through two of the world's more notoriously negligent airports in the world; De Gaulle and Venzelios in Athens. But.....I made it. 17 hours door to door touching down in 3 countries in route and here I am...........without my god damned luggage. So me and my one pair of shorts, two t-shirts, and one pair of dirty pants are praying for a miracle. I really never expected the bag to make it in the first place. But it sure would be nice. Im off to find me some Egyptian duds.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


After an hour of trying to translate Facebook French into Facebook English here I am, fluh, and happy with a lovely cup of top notch bordeaux in Charles De Gaulle aiport waiting for my late flight to Athens and, the gods permitting, my connection to Cairo which will set me down at 245 a.m. Cairo time.

Leaving the U.S was very stressful. I wondered and aganozied as to whether leaving now was the most prudent move. It was. I am satiated beyone belief to momentarily be able to basque in the stress free enviornment of a European aiport. Of course the Bordeaux may be the culprit there. Ill take it.

A nice time out from the downward spiral of my country may be just what I need, though I yearn for the company of my wife who was selfless enough to know that if I didn't pack my camera and roll for a little while I would lose it.

One tragic note on the creative side. Anyone who has perused my photo galleries may have been able to view some of my black and white infrared images. This is a marvelous film that creates stunningly ethereal images. Thanks in large part to the digital age, and god damned recession that wonderful film, after almost 50 years in production, is gone. Maybe for good. This will be my first ever all digital photo trip. Cheers! Ain't progress grand?