Sunday, February 15, 2009


I made it about half way through Frommer's Egypt last night. Boy am I unprepared. Somehow I think I lost sight of the fact I was traveling in the developing world. The laundry list of diseases, especially food and water borne illnesses one can pick up in Egypt is a bit scary. Then there's the parasites you can pick up in the Nile. It's been quite awhile since I have been someplace where you literally have to watch every thing that goes into your body diligently. And considering I manage to pick up some form of food poisoning almost every time I travel it's time to track down some Cipro. Travel medical insurance appears to be a must. So also might be travel evacuation insurance. Lovely....

My plan to try to access the Sudan is now officially abandoned. It appears the only way down is by way of some kind of ferry down Lake Nasser to a horrible little border town with very nasty border guards. Combine all this with the the probable food poisoning scenario and I am bagging it. Because being detained by Sudanese border guards, after a ten hour ferry ride with the runs is exactly something that would happen to me.

So what now? Perhaps an extra day in the North to Alexandria. Time to consult the Thorn Tree.

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