Friday, February 6, 2009


Yawn. The obsession is kicking in. Reading every hotel review 3 times over. Every tour, every restaraunt, every pyramid I just have to see. The plan changes by the nanosecond. For now I fly into Paris on a reccesssion era business class ticket. (I usually fly coach). The economy is presenting me with all kinds of cheaper travel options. 

As of this morning at 3 am when my brain finally shut down the plan is to fly into Paris on the red eye, change planes and spend another 7 hours going straight to Cairo. No layover. Just charge through. I am hoping that since the first 10 hours will be in Business Class ill have the strength to do another 7 hours from there without a rest. I may have to rethink that though. 

As of today its going to be 4 nights in Cairo, 3 nights in Luxor, and 3 nights in the extreme south to Aswan. If it can be done I want to somehow make it across the border into the Sudan and get that oh so valuable extra passport stamp! Hey how many people ya know been to the Sudan?!

I will end the trip with 3 nights kickin it in Paris probably wandering Museums and art shops on the Left Bank. This will change, I am sure, every day knowing me.

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